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The Q Cloud Manifesto

Why have we chosen to practice architecture and interior design?  That is a question that we ask ourselves more and more lately.  As we grapple with the changes in our world, our discussions always come back to this question.  And we always circle back to a love of design and the challenge of providing great services to our clients.  We have found that hardware and software issues should never drive good design and customer service.   Our clients don’t want “gee whiz” technology.  They want real creativity applied to their real challenges.  That is why we have chosen to refocus on our creative talents as architects and designers.  We have decided that we will not spend another minute messing with computer hardware and software in our office.  We no longer care if we are pc, mac or android.
We are happy to report that we are now fully and completely operating our office on the Q Cloud.  All of our hardware and software resources have been moved to a data farm and we have turned off the servers in our office.  We will squeeze another year or two out of our tired old computers.  We have done all of this while jumping to the next level in our design technology, including Revit, Autocad, Exchange and financial software.  In doing this, we made our technology as invisible and omnipresent as possible and forced it to support our people, rather than the other way around.
What you expect from Quorum is great design work done quickly and within your budget.  But you also expect us to be nimble and to change quickly as the world evolves.  So, what does this mean to a small business constantly working to compete, improve and grow?  Simply stated, it means that we need to always make sure that we have a sharp focus on our clients and our future and take full advantage of the knowledge of our people on staff.  We don’t care if we buy the coolest and most powerful computers on the market.  We only care that we can do our work on whatever device we have available, whether pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone or television.  Don't misunderstand our dislike of computer support with our affection of our technological tools. We believe that our digital techniques are a great tool and that we need to be leaders in developing and understanding them.  The Q Cloud lets us match our design talents to our technological prowess at any time from any location.
No more excuses.  This thing really works.  We have chosen to focus on our talents and “get our heads in the cloud.”  We are entering a very exciting time in our firm and our profession and intend to capture this energy for the good of our clients, communities and selves. Stay tuned!


  1. Love it Scott! Kudos to all Cloud dwellers...


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