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New Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th at Paragon Outlets in Grand Prairie, TX

Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th now has a new location at the new Paragon Outlets in Grand Prairie, TX.  Located at the northwest corner of the mall, OFF 5th has store entries from both the parking lot and from the outdoor breezeway that runs within the center.  This breezeway gives Paragon Outlets a distinct difference to other outlet malls giving you a more town center feel to the shopping experience but not having to cross parking lots or deal with vehicular traffic.

Saks’ grand opening was during Tax Free Weekend last month and they had a huge turnout. During that weekend, associates and employees of Paragon Outlets were asked to park off-site and take the shuttle bus to work.  Soon, the shuttle buses became more for customers than for employees.  People were actually trying to walk across the highway to get over there!  A news article stated that Paragon estimated around 100,000 people for the turn-out.

Some of the other 200 outlet vendors include Coach, Juicy Couture, Lucky Brand, Nike, True Religion, Lacoste  and many more.

-Kelly Wredling


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