Thursday, February 4, 2016


Great news aspiring architects, the Intern Development Program will be renamed Architectural Experience Program beginning June 2016 and with this change NCARB decided that the term “intern” is outdated and does not mirror todays practice.  And the current IDP’s 17 experience areas will transition into six broad areas of architectural practice. By using NCARB’s experience calculator tool ( you will see how your current hours will merge into the new six areas. 

If you haven’t started logging your IDP hours or have not logged them in a while, please start now.  It is easy to forget!  Especially after a hard week of deadlines, the last thing on your mind is how to fit the past working week into the IDP’s experience areas.  Make it your goal this week to create a strategy for success and set a target date for registration.  We, as aspiring architects, are the next generation of Architects and it is our duty to progress our much needed profession.  Please join me in this vision to become a registered Architect before 2020. 

Thanks and Gig ‘em,
Paul Alvarez

Monday, January 18, 2016


This has been a very fruitful and exciting year here at Quorum.  We have had the good fortune to have many events and eventful happenings.

Some of these events include:

·         Holiday parades (Fort Worth)
·         Six Flags rides (both designed and ridden)
·         Chili competition(s) – both internally with Quorum’s Annual Chili Cook Off and externally with the Fort Worth South Chili on the Green
·         Chili Champions – Kathryn’s Chili by Design won internally AND at the FWS COTG event
·         AIA Skeet Shooting
·         Community Volunteering – Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, AIA, Fort Worth South, American Heart Association, etc.

Our eventful happenings include:

·         New additions to the extended Quorum family – Mario welcomed his baby boy, Dante; and Mabelle welcomed her baby girl, Sienna
·         Quorum welcomed new folks to our family as well – Jim, Jackson, Karin, Wendy and Paul are all new faces within the Quorum walls
·         Quorum Christmas party

Work related events include:

·         Happy clients – including new and returning clients
·         New projects
·         Extended contracts
·         Long hours
·         Laughter……more laughter
·         Hard work

We have provided a solid foundation for our people, our clients, our growth and our future. We’ve also had one of our strongest years yet, and are looking forward to an even better 2016.

We would like to thank all who have made this possible – our people, our families and our clients!

Cheers to 2015 and forging ahead in 2016…

Monday, October 19, 2015

Summer Intern, Teacher and Old College Friends

Quorum makes dreams come true and I am living proof. You know that tight-knit group of friends you graduated college with; the one's that helped you through all your structures exams, relationship problems and made you breakfast after studio all-nighters. The ones that you first called when you passed your first A.R.E. exam and the ones that encourage you to just keep at it when you fail an exam for the second time. We all have those friends, or at least we should, as life is sweetest when you have good friends, strong personal relationships and deep connections. So it's hard when life after college leads those friends down a different path. You keep in touch as best you can but as they begin to get married and have kids it becomes harder and harder to do. We manage to get together once a year for a chili cookout in October, where we reminisce about the good old days and catch up on each others life. I've often dreamed about how it would be to work with my friends, like we once worked together in college. Frankly, after leaving architecture in 2012 to pursue a career in secondary education this dream had all but faded.

As it turns out, after some conversations this summer I was able to take an internship at Quorum Architects, and my dream of working along side my good friend, and college buddy, Arthur Calcaterra came true. I will admit that I was a little rusty after a 3 year hiatus from the architecture industry but having familiar faces encouraging me made all the difference. I was part of a great team that allowed me to come alongside them and work through an entire phase of a project while I was there. Though I was only there for the Summer I felt that I learned a lot from my teammates and the experience will definitely make its way back into my classroom. From day one I felt welcomed as if I was a part of the Quorum family, so it was hard to say good bye when the start of the school year rolled back around. Though I have no current plans to make a career change back to architecture I was encouraged by many at Quorum to pick back up the pursuit of my architect license and I believe I will.

Overall my time at Quorum was the best that I've had working at an architecture firm. The big surprise to me was that it had less to do with the fact that I worked with my old friend and more to do with the great new friends I made.

~Miguel Picart

Friday, September 11, 2015

Celebrating Baby Girl Ponce

Mabelle Ponce and her husband, Juan, are expecting their first child in October and we couldn’t be happier for them. We had a wonderful lunch celebration & baby shower for them and baby girl. We always have fun when we celebrate each other!

Yummy food from Blue Mesa

Juan & Mabelle


Handmade cake from Kim, 
and a Red Velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes

Homemade tutu by Kathryn

Homemade blanket by Wendy

Play mat (not homemade!)

Much needed car seat

Monday, August 3, 2015

Thoughts From Our First Summer Intern - Part 2 (2015)

It has been a year since the end of my first summer when I wrote my first blog, and I can say with confidence that I have improved in many aspects of architecture since then. Most of these improvements I can attribute to my two summers at Quorum Architects.

I was exposed to a new type of project this summer: Auditorium Acoustics. I took on a major role in the Acoustical Renovation project for the City of Greenville Auditorium, assisting in the design of acoustical panels and the beginnings of the construction documents. Because of my influence on the design of the panels, I was able to express my creativity and my opinion, which Mr. David Duman was very open to hearing. It was very rewarding to apply the design principles I have been studying at Texas A&M to a REAL project with a REAL client!

My experience at the office was very similar to last summer in that I was surrounded by friendly faces and people who wanted to help me succeed and answer my questions to the fullest extent. It was different in the fact that I was further introduced to Construction Documents and Specifications, two aspects of Architecture that I have not been introduced to at Texas A&M. These are things that an architecture student is only exposed to in the “real world”, and without this internship I wouldn’t be able to say that I am comfortable with these topics.

Thank you, Quorum, for an excellent second summer! I am so grateful for these opportunities that have been given to me and I can’t wait to use what I have learned (again!).

Intern – Summer 2014 & 2015
Texas A&M University

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thoughts from a Summer Intern

As an Environmental Design student at Texas A&M I was required to take a semester’s worth of hours away from the University to broaden my interpretation of the “real world”.  I chose to pursue an internship with a local Fort Worth firm hoping to gain those real world experiences close to home versus the other option of studying abroad. I can say with confidence now that I definitely made the correct decision.  After my first interview with David Lee, I knew that Quorum would be a great place to work.  Everyone at the firm was super nice and never viewed me as just a student. Any time I had a question, everyone was more than willing to help.

I have been exposed to many different types of projects during my semester including: Military work, Animal Shelters, Retail Spaces, and even a Six Flags Over Texas project.  At first all these jobs were sort of a culture shock to me because in school the focus is always on the presentation, design, and form of the space.  From what I experienced though, there is so much more to a project than the actual design of the space.  Everything from scheduling to meetings, to awarding projects to contractors that bid the job; there were a multitude of different things that went into every job that I worked on that I was totally oblivious to.  I would have to say that this was the most important thing that I learned over the semester that I will definitely take with me going back to school for my last year. 

Not only were the people at Quorum happy that I was able to lend a helping hand where I could on various projects, but they were all very excited to hear what I had to say about what I knew.  Honestly this was very special for me because I was able to showcase some of my skills that I have learned from school and apply to projects such as the Six Flags project where I was able to do some 3D modeling and rendering.  This eventually turned into doing more 3D prints and modeling on other projects. This was exciting for me because I was doing what I knew how to do well and everyone in the office was excited about it and open to the process. This honestly surprised me because not only were the people accepting of the work I did for projects in the office, but they listened to what I had to say and accepted the ideas that I have learned in school and embraced the process to better the firm. 

Overall at the end of my semester, I was asked to stay on and work the next couple months in the summer until I had to return back to the great city of College Station to finish my senior year.  I took this as a huge compliment and I have no doubt that this experience will better me in my last year of schooling, and my future endeavors.   
Thanks to everyone at Quorum who made this an enjoyable experience, and I hope to keep in touch in the future!   

Justin Cannaday
Texas A&M Intern – Spring/Summer 2015