Monday, September 26, 2016

Bark+Build …It’s a Play House!

While the team had many great ideas, we narrowed our focus to one design. Read below to see our design intent and view our schematic concept!

The Play House is a dog house that is both visually enjoyable but functional and interactive for both dog and human. The four sided sleek metal frame borders both sides of the structure. There are two levels in the play house. The lower level, covered in a wood grain fiber reinforced plastic, provides shelter and can house a dog bed making it feel cozy. The upper level as well as the ramp leading up to it are covered in turf. This allows the dog to have traction to get to the upper level as well as being soft under foot. The second level also provides protection from outdoor elements as well as providing a higher view of its surroundings. One side of the structure has tennis balls at varying heights that can rotate for the dog to play with them while the other side has tug ropes. The Play House is an interactive house allowing the dog and owner hours of fun.

Our animal facility designs as well as our team members help shape animals lives. We design & build fabulous animal care facilities that are aesthetically pleasing as well as health conscious, and many of us have adopted animals. Not only that, we also rescue them – even at our office! Please help us give back to the animal community. They truly don’t have a voice without our help.

In conjunction with Bark + Build, Quorum Architects and Modern Contractors have a fundraising team page where you can make a donation that will go directly to SPCA of Texas! Please donate under our team name, The Rescuers.  All donations are tax deductible and receipts will be emailed to those who donate. 

Our team is currently pulling materials together so we can begin our build process upon design approval! A huge thank you to Tom Massey of Field Turf for donating turf material for our project!

Use the link below to click and   Donate Now.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

AIA Dallas 2016 Bark + Build!

Quorum has teamed up with Modern Contractors for the Annual AIA Dallas 2016 Bark + Build!

Bark + Build is a doghouse design-build competition that consists of a partnership between an architectural design firm and a contractor firm. Through this partnership a doghouse is created that is functional, durable and suited for indoor/outdoor use. The doghouse structures will be on display at NorthPark Center in Dallas from November 14th-December 5th. During this time, raffle tickets will be available to the public for purchase through the SPCA of Texas. All proceeds from raffle ticket sales will go to support SPCA of Texas.

Quorum has been designing animal facilities for 13 years with over 40 designed facilities. Throughout these 13 years, we have had the opportunity to work with Modern Contractors and saw Bark + Build as a great opportunity to team up again. Animals are near and dear to our hearts, so a doghouse is right up our alley!

Our team is underway and has come up with some great ideas for the doghouse submission. There are a lot of minds with great designs, so it will be interesting to see where it goes from here! More to follow…


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Thoughts from our Summer Intern 2016

Sitting here through my last week of work and thinking back on the summer I have had at Quorum, I know I could not have asked for a better first-internship experience. The work that I have been able to accomplish as well as the people I have worked with exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere at Quorum feels like a family, and I was immediately welcomed into the office and made to feel at home. Everyone in the office showed a genuine interest in my work, school experience, and hopes for the future.

The first half of the summer gave me the chance to work with a fellow intern and friend on a hypothetical project. Designing our Boarding & Grooming facility was very similar to designing projects at school, but with the environment and resources of an actual office. This project allowed each of us to showcase our strengths and improve our presentation skills while adding more practicality and real-world aspects to our design by referencing similar projects done by Quorum. I was also exposed to aspects of the design process that I would not be able to experience in a classroom. By attending meetings with real clients, visiting current sites, and revising and editing specifications I was able to grasp a broader understanding of what goes into obtaining a project, beginning the steps of design, and communicating with the client about wants and needs.

The second half of the summer has brought new challenges. Without a partner to rely on, I have had to figure out many new things on my own, which has definitely improved my skillset and design approach. I worked with a variety of programs and have been able to improve my knowledge of programs I have used before, such as AutoCad and SketchUp, and better my confidence in programs I previously had little to no experience with, such as Photoshop and Podium. As well as a variety of programs, I was given the opportunity to be a part of many types of projects. From restaurant design to animal shelter renovation, I got to see a wide range of budgets, locations, needs, and programs. I think this variety of experience at Quorum Architects this summer will benefit me returning to school for my senior year. I am looking forward to applying what I have learned to my projects and conversations with my professors. I feel much more confident in what my presentations will look like and how I will communicate my ideas.

A huge thank you to Quorum for giving me the opportunity to be here this summer and for all the guidance and support I received from everyone. I have loved my time here and learned so much. Hopefully next summer can live up to the high standards this one has set!

Madison Bennett
Texas A&M University ‘17
Summer Intern