Friday, April 18, 2014

18th Annual Victory Over Violence Walk/Run

On April 12th, 2014, Kim Dowdy, Dawn Shannon and Mario Valdez of Quorum Architects, Inc. (and members of their families) joined 3,560 other participants for this year’s 18th annual Victory Over Violence Walk / Run in Trinity Park, Fort Worth, Texas.  There were walkers and runners of all ages, sizes and abilities.  We saw a senior citizen, double amputee who had “persevere” written all over his body!  We truly enjoy participating in this event every year and have proudly done so for the past five (5) years in support of The Women’s Center.  The Women’s Center serves over 90,000 people annually through counseling, employment and educational programs.  We look forward to next year.
Dawn Shannon, Julian Shannon, Kim Dowdy and Lexi Dowdy

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It’s All About Me!

I hear it all the time, “What a cool space!”; “From the outside, I wouldn’t have guessed this building looked like this on the inside.”; “Refreshing space.”; “This building has a very urban feel inside.”

I live on the corner of W. Vickery Blvd. and Hemphill Street in Fort Worth, Texas.  My name is the “707 Building”.  I’m not just another number.

I have been in this location since around 1937.  Seventy seven years is a long time to some, but not too long for a building with good bones.  I have been repurposed in a manner that brought out my charm, by a group that realized my potential.  If only more buildings in this area could be so lucky.

In the old days, I was just like the other buildings, once cared about and then left to ruin.  Many of us are gone, others are still in decline.  I have dark memories of being run down and of nearing the end of my time as an original structure.  I stood in fear and water stood on my floors – I was a mess.  Then one day, they came to see me.  A group of individuals who had no fear and tons of vision walked into my front door to see if we’d be a good fit.  Fortunately, we were.

707 Group, LLC purchased me in 1999 and within one year Quorum Architects, Inc. had remodeled and moved into my awesome structure.  My owners have been good to me, take a look at my before and after video.  Before new tenants move in, Quorum listens to their needs and I get customized based on what will suit the new tenant.  Because I have been brought up to date and am as efficient as possible, my tenants like it here in my space.  I am in the Near Southside and have a bus stop at my front door, a bike lane and the TRE just down the street.  I am just minutes from many cool restaurants on Magnolia Street and my tenants and their visitors can walk downtown for lunch if they so choose.  In my future, I will boast of a new intersection at my door that will connect me even better to downtown.  Location, location, location!

Thanks to a group of visionary architects who wanted to become building owners, I am alive again and welcoming tenants and visitors daily.  Thank you, 707 Group, LLC and Quorum Architects, Inc., for the new “lease on life”.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Quorum has a PASSION FOR PETS! Quorum’s animal shelter designs have aided in finding homes for over 21,000 pets in the last two years. In addition to designing these beautiful animal adoption facilities, Quorum is also involved in educating the public. David Duman and Kim Dowdy spoke at the Texas Unites for Animals conference in 2011 on “Designing Animal Shelters and Adoption Centers”. David and Kim will be in attendance again this year.

For the past four years, Quorum has been a sponsor of the Texas Unites for Animals conference. This year’s conference will include 45 workshops in 5 tracks:

  • Health & Behavior
  • Field Services
  • Adoptions & Placement
  • Outreach & Communication
  • Professional & Organization Development

The conference will be from March 22-24, 2014 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel. We will have a booth set up so please stop by if you are attending. We’d love to chat with you about any, or all, of our animal shelter facilities we have designed, and discuss any of your design needs.

Lewisville Animal Shelter and Adoption Center

Carrollton Animal Services and Adoption Center
Tri-City Animal Shelter and Adoption Center

For more information on Texas Unites for Animals, click on the link:

Friday, February 28, 2014

Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Flower Mound, Texas

Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Flower Mound Texas was looking to complete the final phase of their building expansion – an expansion that has been in the planning stage for several years.  When the church was ready, Quorum was hired to bring their vision to reality.  With a strong congregation defining their needs, the church needed to provide exciting new spaces for the many activities they have come to enjoy over their years of service to the community.  The new space consists of a 38,000 square foot addition to include a new 6,500 square foot fellowship hall and recreation center.  In this space there is a full stage ready for performances, lectures, dinners or even contemporary worship services.  A full kitchen was also needed to accommodate large fellowship dinners.

Recreational needs were also addressed with a full size basketball / volleyball court along with new locker rooms and a secure childcare area.  New offices for staff freed up existing space for adult education and a new dedicated youth classroom and worship area.

The church’s long awaited vision for an expanded, functional and beautiful space is now finally a reality.  Construction was completed  in January, and the church celebrated their official dedication in February.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chili. Chili. And, more chili

Quorum’s at it again. This time we got to TEE it up with a great group of people from The First Tee of Fort Worth during their annual fundraiser.

Lucky for us, they decided to have a Chili cook off – something we love to do…..cook Chili.
We entered two teams, “Where the Best Begins”, (Gayland Leddy and Kathryn Torrez) western theme capitalizing on Fort Worth’s “Where the West Begins”;

"Where the Best Begins"

 and “ I Gar- ron- Tee”, (Greg Richardson and Doug Moon) based on Justin Wilson’s Cajun cooking show from the 80’s.

"I Gar-ron-Tee"

We did quite well and had a lot of fun serving the kids different kinds of Chili.
Our groups did not win, but we had such a great time and were happy to be invited to aid in their fundraising efforts. We’ll see them again next year – this time with a winning Chili!